Waterfront City, Beirut | SB Architects

Joel Mendelson was the Senior design architect for SB Architects on Waterfront City, a new mixed-use development by Majid Al-Futaim – currently under construction along an existing marina in the North Beirut. The design scope included an overall Masterplan totaling 800,000 square feet of built area over four buildings; 112 total residential units set above a 7-meter retail base; and a new public promenade.

Joel led the SB Team to develop the overall masterplan, along with an abstract concept for a woven facades of stone, glass and open shaded balconies with sliding screens – which could be applied to all buildings, with facade variations depending upon unit type and level.  The abstraction of the facade and the undulation of the massing will ensure that the buildings remain exciting, while still a part of the background.  This will allow the Mediterranean, the lush planting, and the marina to coexist naturally with the large-scale nature of the project.

The geometric layout for the promenade, designed by Landscape Architect Sean Simms, carefully reflects the “in and out” of the building design along waterfront – with private planted upper terraces and lush public dining courtyards facing the Mediterranean.  This will be a key new retail and restaurant location for North Beirut, and was designed with the beauty of the city in mind, and for a population that loves to dine.