Wooded Educational Center for Camp Ramah in New England

Camp Ramah in New England, Palmer, MA – Dedicated in summer of 2002.  Situated in a wooded clearing previously occupied by an old two-story library, this 8,500 square-foot educational cloister includes three buildings-  a library, classrooms and a synagogue.  The client initially requested a single building, though the idea of distributing the program into separate buildings has preserved the beauty of the wooded site, and encouraged an ideal social and educational dynamic for learning.  The interiors were finished inexpensively, but with a great deal of warmth. Stained plywood panels and batten strips,  polished concrete and carpeting befit the rugged summer camp environment – where sheet rock and painted surfaces would not have succeeded.  A great deal of native wooded planting has filled the courtyard since these buildings were first opened for use in 2002.

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